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PostSubject: The Criteria + Information   The Criteria + Information I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 18, 2008 8:59 pm

As I did not see any criteria posted like I had asked, I am going to have to do it myself.

Also, the admin clearly broke one (1) major rule that I had set, rule #3, clearly stating "No Warnings." at the end of the sentence. Because your administrator has broken this rule, rule #2 has been changed to seventy (70) users, and fifteen (15) posts.

1. All vulgar language is prohibited on said website. If any foul language of any type is printed (including sexual-orientated, racism, or general fallacious language) will result in this program to be terminated.

2. There must be at least seventy (70) registered users, and have to at least posted fifteen (15) general topics. Creating registered users just to fill up space will result in this program to be terminated. Please note that I.P. addresses will be checked by our team.

3. User-banning must be more strict. This means that you must follow your rules and guidelines at the highest, zero-tollerance manner. No warnings. (Warning system must be removed by Friday, November 18, 2008, or this internship opportunity will be revoked)

4. There must be at least twelve-thousand (1200) posts in the forum. Spamming posts will result in this program to be terminated.

5. Make the forum look neat and not so cluttered. This means remove any forums that aren't well occupied. This is because we want the website to have a good reputation for posters.

We will be checking over the forums for the next few weeks to see if the criteria has been met. IMPORTANT! If all five (5) criteria is not met by December 5, 2008, this program will be terminated.

** ALSO **
Any additional rule set by Habbo Hotel, LTD and Sulake, LCC must be met on this forum. Please have you or your administration review these rules and set them here on the forum.
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The Criteria + Information
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